Glass Barrettes? Won't they break? I've been wearing dichroic glass barrettes for 3 or 4 years now and I've dropped them from time to time. I have NEVER had one break. The clasp is attached to the glass with Epoxy and sometimes after a period of wear the Epoxy begins to separate from the glass. You can return the barrette to me and I will re-glue it.

I make barrettes with French clasps in a variety of sizes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.25 inches -- measured from end to end of the clasp. The pieces of glass are slightly longer and can be anywhere from 3/8 ″ wide up to 1.25 ″ wide.

The simplest barrettes are a single piece of patterned dichroic glass with a layer of clear glass over it. The most complex barrettes may have 18-20 tiny pieces fit together like a quilt.

When I use clear glass with dichroic coatings I can build up depth with multiple layers and patterns peeking out from other patterns.

Prices range from $20 for a pair of tiny barrettes to $45 for a large complex pattern or multi-layers of dichroic glass.When you place your order you'll be choosing from the options of size, width, complexity and layers which will determine the price.

You'll also need to describe the barrette you desire in terms of the color palette:

  • dichroic patterns on black or transparent?
  • mono-chromatic or contrasting colors?

...and in terms of layout or design:

  • single piece of patterned glass -- what pattern?
  • two or three bars running length of barrette
  • diagonal stripes -- overall or plain with a few stripes?
  • catty-corner triangle or herringbone pattern?

The possibilities are endless. Below, are samples of patterns and color palletes that are possible. You can refer to these by number. I can't exactly duplicate anything you see here, but I can create a beautiful piece for you.

Do your best to describe what you'd like. If I need more clarification, I'll contact you. When I've got something ready I'll send it out. If you are not satisfied you can return it.

palette: transparent dichroic glass over base colorssamples of large barrettes, fairly simplesamples of small - medium barrettes, simple to complex


  1. single layer of transparent patterns over steel blue
  2. two layers of transparent patterns over steel blue
  3. two layers over apple green
  4. two layers over purple
  5. two layers over periwinkle
  6. two layers over red
  7. two layers over aqua
  8. simple two bars: blue bubbles and turquoise solid
  9. three bars:cdr and aqua boxes
  10. three bars: gm and purple boxes
  11. diagonal stripes: black cherry and orange checks
  12. small two bars with round corners: gm and boxes
  13. two bars with squarer corners: candy apple red and red boxes
  14. three bars: purple with purple checks
  15. wide two bars: aqua with aqua boxes
  16. fancy: boxes and blue stringers offset on iridescent blue base
  17. fancy: purple herringbone pattern of many pieces

Barb Ackemann

Brattleboro, Vermont